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March 4, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Diane Lane


Most people have never heard of it, and that is unfortunate!  It received poor reviews at a screening (it was ahead of it’s time) and was sort of forgotten about.  If you were ever wondering what happened between first wave punk and Riot Grrl, this was it.  It’s a 1982 film starring Diane Lane, Laura Dern, 2 sex pistols, an original Clash member, and directed by music producer Lou Adler.  This movie makes me feel alive and super feisty.

I know it’s all about selling individuality, and the irony in everyone following suit – but I can’t help it – it makes me want me to dye my hair and strut around town in my drawers.  Dream I might, but in reality I wouldn’t have the guts to let it all hang out, so here’s an updated and more realistic interpretation.

Speaking of Diane Lane, FUN FACT!  She turned down both Risky Business and Splash to film Streets Of Fire.  (Never heard of it?  Yeah, me either.)  She was however also in The Outsiders, and more importantly Rumblefish,  If you haven’t seen either of these you MUST.

Just look at this cast listing:

Both Rumblefish and The Fabulous Stains are streaming on Netflix right now, btw, so no excuses!