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March 11, 2011

Amazing green RV

A Biofuel-Powered Hybrid Home on Wheels by Sunray Kelley.

February 14, 2011

It buys me a tablesaw! (please)

I think woodworking would be the worst hobby ever for me.  I am definitely a cut first, measure afterwards, curse, re-cut later type of person.  I am still fascinated with it, though.  Furniture is so expensive, who can even afford it new?  Who wants to?  I’d rather take a vacation to somewhere warm, for roughly the same cost.

BUT – wait!  For those of you who are disciplined and skilled enough to build it yourself, you have to check this out.  And then make one for me, please.

For an estimated $100 – $150 you can make this via

This one from Dangerously Domestic Jen might even be more awesome than the original is.