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June 16, 2011


Winnspiration?  Really?  I’m sorry.  I recently stumbled onto these young “full-timers” via ETSY.  They are living out of an old Winnie that they gutted and remodeled themselves, selling beeswax candles molded from antique bottles and the like.  So. Jealous.  The interior is so breathtaking as to squash any doubts anyone might have about the potential awesomeness that is mobile living.  Or at least, it helps, I hope.

April 29, 2011

RV Daydream

I finally have a job again – or at least, I’m training for one.  I forgot how mind numbing and draining these things can be.  BUT, I’m going to tough it out because I need money to make all of these awesome things happen.

I need quite a lot of money, in fact.

To sooth my soul and give my brain a rest I’m going to compile a little wishlist for my soon-to-be home.

  • RV(duh!)                           $4,000
  • WVO setup                       $2,500
  • Incinerating Toilet       $2,700
  • Solar                                   $2,000



Oh, snap!  That’s quite a bit of “summer savings”.  I’m going to attempt to get an RV loan, and then outfit the RV in all of the latest and greatest green accoutrement.

If you want to sponsor any part of this, I’ll airbrush your portrait on the back.