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March 11, 2011

Amazing green RV

A Biofuel-Powered Hybrid Home on Wheels by Sunray Kelley.

March 2, 2011

DIY Round-up

How to make a repeating pattern, designsponge.

Curtains on the cheap, Apartment Therapy.

Tassel Earrings, InStyle.

Headdress, You Me and a Skeleton Key.

Urban Outfitters duvet knock off, Kiki Creates.

Envelopes become Tote Bags, Orphaned.

$2 shoes, Aunt Peaches.

Hex-Nut Bracelet, Honestly WTF.

Driftwood hook, Semi Jewels.

Fbaric Prints with Tape, How About Orange.


February 28, 2011

Read me to sleep


February 28, 2011

NENDO chair

Nendo chair, VIA Designs of the year.

February 26, 2011

Rainstorm on Etsy

February 25, 2011

1950’s on Etsy

February 24, 2011

Kim’s MAGIC Kitchen Remodel

I was perusing the aforementioned Desire to Inspire, and OH MY GOD have you seen Kim’s kitchen transformation?  It’s unreal.

February 24, 2011

I win! I get a puppy!

I have recently emerged victorious from the ongoing “should we get a puppy?” battle.  The boyfriend has officially caved, and even claims that he too could use a good snuggling from something adorable – guess I just don’t cut it anymore!  I admit I’m a little nervous now that I have the green light.  Dogs are a lot of responsibility – especially puppies.  I grew up with all kinds of dogs always running around the house, but my mom was a dog training genius – she just let them train each other, and it worked!  Really well, actually..

I did a lot of research, I swear, and based MOSTLY on personality and the dog traits that would work best with my lifestyle, I’ve decided to rescue a French Bulldog mix.  Rescue, because I don’t believe in nor support puppy mills in anyway, and a mix to alleviate some of the problems that are prone to pure breds.  And yeah, they’re almost nauseatingly adorable too.

I leave in a few weeks for SXSW and so the date is set – April-ish!  Until then I’m drawing up plans for designer dog beds that I can build and looking at puppy porn.  Desire to Inspire is actually a great place to get two fixes, with Monday’s “Pet’s on Furniture”, I can covet both couches and puppies alike.  The wonderful puppy pictures via Love Maegan, are of LeRoy, her cute as hell Frenchie.

P.S.  I’m getting a girl, and naming her Peaches, after Peaches. ;)

February 24, 2011

Recycled Home – Decor and Lighting


February 14, 2011

It buys me a tablesaw! (please)

I think woodworking would be the worst hobby ever for me.  I am definitely a cut first, measure afterwards, curse, re-cut later type of person.  I am still fascinated with it, though.  Furniture is so expensive, who can even afford it new?  Who wants to?  I’d rather take a vacation to somewhere warm, for roughly the same cost.

BUT – wait!  For those of you who are disciplined and skilled enough to build it yourself, you have to check this out.  And then make one for me, please.

For an estimated $100 – $150 you can make this via

This one from Dangerously Domestic Jen might even be more awesome than the original is.