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June 17, 2011

Things that made me happy at 7 AM

I’m training for this new job… very early in the mornings.  It’s nice to be inspired at 7 AM, even if it is still too early to tell.

I just discovered AU REVOIR SIMONE via I Just Might Explode, and I love everything about them.

Also in love with Cameron‘s papercrafts – amazing.

He’s done paper craft portraits of quite a few of the bloggin’ ladies – and I have to say they are pretty spot-on!  I especially adore the Kaylah one (of The Dainty Squid).

Well, back to work.

February 14, 2011

Post-Valentine’s Day

Due to our (lame) work schedules, valentine’s Day has come and gone for us already.  Sam cooked me the most wonderful dinner, a vegan’s worst nightmare, actually.

I got him all the mixin’s for classic Sazeracs at home, as well as this hilarious comic – Henry and Glenn Forever.  The best part is the quote on the back:  “Has Glenn seen this?  Trust me, he would not be impressed.” – Henry Rollins.

In case you’re interested in making Sazeracs for your love, or friends, or to drown your Valentine’s Day blues, I’ll post a recipe a little later.