Contact / Participate !

Drop me a line if you have any ideas for new DIY projects that you’d like to see.

I’d also be interested in guest bloggers with How-to’s – Or just say ‘Hi”, I’d love to

hear from you !


4 Comments to “Contact / Participate !”

  1. hi! love that you stopped by our airstream blog. yay. thanks so much!

    don’t mind sharing job info at all…i own/run my own design biz called miss pickles press. ( and my husband is an IT nerd software engineer guy for a tech company. so we’ve been fortunate to work from the road these past six months. it’s all about logistics for us. lots of planning but totally doable.

    p.s. love your blog. very fun.

  2. Hi!

    Just discovered your blog and saw I was on your blogroll!! Thanks so much :) I really like your blog and I am adding it to my links… I will come back and visit!

    Warm regards,

    Marie @ le zèbre bleu

  3. Heya, I was just wondering where online you found the SM Gellar tattoo portrait? The reason I’m asking is that the shop I work in has recently hired someone who used that very image as part of their portfolio; the problem is that the rest of the portfolio isn’t near the quality of that image so it seems a bit suspicious and stands out like a sore thumb. I did an image search and only came up with your site so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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