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June 17, 2011

Things that made me happy at 7 AM

I’m training for this new job… very early in the mornings.  It’s nice to be inspired at 7 AM, even if it is still too early to tell.

I just discovered AU REVOIR SIMONE via I Just Might Explode, and I love everything about them.

Also in love with Cameron‘s papercrafts – amazing.

He’s done paper craft portraits of quite a few of the bloggin’ ladies – and I have to say they are pretty spot-on!  I especially adore the Kaylah one (of The Dainty Squid).

Well, back to work.

June 16, 2011


Winnspiration?  Really?  I’m sorry.  I recently stumbled onto these young “full-timers” via ETSY.  They are living out of an old Winnie that they gutted and remodeled themselves, selling beeswax candles molded from antique bottles and the like.  So. Jealous.  The interior is so breathtaking as to squash any doubts anyone might have about the potential awesomeness that is mobile living.  Or at least, it helps, I hope.