I win! I get a puppy!

I have recently emerged victorious from the ongoing “should we get a puppy?” battle.  The boyfriend has officially caved, and even claims that he too could use a good snuggling from something adorable – guess I just don’t cut it anymore!  I admit I’m a little nervous now that I have the green light.  Dogs are a lot of responsibility – especially puppies.  I grew up with all kinds of dogs always running around the house, but my mom was a dog training genius – she just let them train each other, and it worked!  Really well, actually..

I did a lot of research, I swear, and based MOSTLY on personality and the dog traits that would work best with my lifestyle, I’ve decided to rescue a French Bulldog mix.  Rescue, because I don’t believe in nor support puppy mills in anyway, and a mix to alleviate some of the problems that are prone to pure breds.  And yeah, they’re almost nauseatingly adorable too.

I leave in a few weeks for SXSW and so the date is set – April-ish!  Until then I’m drawing up plans for designer dog beds that I can build and looking at puppy porn.  Desire to Inspire is actually a great place to get two fixes, with Monday’s “Pet’s on Furniture”, I can covet both couches and puppies alike.  The wonderful puppy pictures via Love Maegan, are of LeRoy, her cute as hell Frenchie.

P.S.  I’m getting a girl, and naming her Peaches, after Peaches. ;)


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