Skirt update

Finally took some pictures of the skirt attempts.  I’m glad I started with the less-than-awesome fabrics, because there were many less-than-awesome skirts made.  Skirts and dresses and weird drapey numbers that doubled as IQ tests when dressing yourself.

I have to say, I am pretty pleased with the results of my self-lessons.  Now I can move on to something a little more fitted, maybe.  After all, I bought a dress form.  DOH!   Impulse buy.  Now I have no choice but to become a full fledged seamstress, because I’m so cheap.  I think I might do a ‘how-to’ of sorts in a few days, considering how many how-to’s I had to consult to get all of the bits of pieces of info I needed.  I can show you how to hem a circle skirt without feeling to the need to do violence to things!  YAY!

Now I just need it to be spring so I can actually wear them.


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